burger alert: let the battle of the five burgers begin

[Order your winning burger from Murphy’s Law, Brazen Head, East of Brunswick, The Pour House, Foggy Dew, Pogue Mahone, Dominion until this Sunday].



1st Contender: The Sens-Asian-Al Burger

Sens-Asian-Al is now the new favourite adjective. Also, gives new reason to eat.

Turkey patty, Asian slaw, Mill St. Hoisin BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, shoestring pickles.



2nd Contender: The Great Canadian

Ontario-ground chuck, chipotle bbq sauce, peameal bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, sriracha aioli. We can only hope the rest of the world knows peameal bacon like Canada does.



3rd Contender: Crispy 592

Turkey patty, cranberry aioli, Havarti cheese, crispy chicken skin, tomato, arugula, shoestring pickles. Crispy chicken skin (needed to hear it again).




4th Contender: Nonna’s Pizza Burger

Ontario-ground chuck, mozzarella cheese, basil aioli, Nonna’s secret tomato sauce, crispy fried pepperoni, parmesan cheese. Thank you Nonna.




5th Contender: Moroccan Veg Burger

Leaving burgers for meat eaters is so 20th Century — this is a serious contender. Black-bean corn patty, hummus aioli, tabbouleh salad, Moroccan red pepper sauce, shoestring pickles, pickled turnips.


Who wins?

The winning burger (whichever receives the most orders) will be awarded a permanent spot on the menu of each participating restaurant, joining the Toronto burger hall of fame. Let the battle for the burger crown begin (mmm… burger crown).